Contest Timeline
09/19/2022 – 12/14/2022
Contest Submissions
01/16/2023 – 01/23/2023
Private Voting
01/30/2023 – 02/20/2023
School-Wide Voting
02/06/2023 – 02/20/2023
Public Voting
Early March 2023
Winners’ Announced
Contest Details
  • What’s New

    Prevent Suicide PA is excited to announce that the winners in each contest category will be honored at an event with one of our professional sports partners – the Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies – receive a monetary award, and have Prevent Suicide PA come to your school to provide a mental health awareness training for up to 20 students.

    In July 2022, the United States transitioned the 10 digit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to 988, as an easy to remember three-digit dialing, texting, and chat code for anyone experiencing a suicidal or mental health crises or emotional distress.  It’s important that 988 messaging efforts are aligned, coordinated, and consistent.  As you develop 988 messages, Prevent Suicide PA strongly encourages you to use the new resources shared in the contest rules to ensure our nation’s 988 messaging is strategic, aligned, and effective. To learn more, visit

    Please read the contest rules for submission for more information about language around these resources.


  • General Information

    1. High school students must have at least one faculty mentor to supervise PSAs, such as teachers, SAP team members, school counselors, school nurses, or administrators. High school-aged youth who are in non-traditional educational environments or local youth groups, may also submit, provided they have similar mentorship.

    2. Each school building or community organization may only submit one entry in each of the following categories:
      1. 30 Second Video PSA
      2. 60 Second Video PSA
      3. 15 Second or 30 Second Audio PSA
      4. PSA Poster

        **If you have multiple entries per category, have the students, teachers, and/or school choose one to submit for each category. Any school or community organization that submits more than one entry in a given category will have all
        submissions in that category excluded from the contest.**

    3. If students are working in a group, please select one student to be the representative of the group.  You only need to fill in one application with this student’s name and information. There is space on the application to enter the other students in the group.  There can only be up to 4 students in a group.

    4. To enter the contest and to submit your application and PSA entry, you must register an account through the PSA Contest website here: by clicking the “Enter Contest” button. By clicking the “Enter Contest” button, you will be prompted to fill out a registration form. Once you have filled out a registration form, you will be able to log in to your account. You will see each of the contest categories listed on the website once you have logged in. Click on the category you are submitting an entry for and fill out the required fields. When you have completed the form, you may click the “submit” button to submit your entry.

    5. Please reach out if you have any questions. We are willing to offer feedback on your PSA if you would like; however, please keep in mind that as the date for submission approaches, we may not have the availability to offer any input. Inquiries can be sent to

  • Submission Guidelines

    As a reminder, listed below are the contest categories,

    • 30 Second Video
    • 60 Second Video
    • 15 or 30 Second Audio
    • Poster

    Video Submissions

    1. Entries should be of high video quality so that they may be broadcasted. Applicants may wish to check local TV station for guidelines. Please be sure that your final submission is in mp4 (video) format.

    2. Videos must adhere to 16:9 proportions

    3. Please follow all copyright rules regarding music and images – you are not permitted to use copyrighted music or images without permission from the person, people, or company who owns the rights.

    4. Do not include school and/or student’s names in video

    5. Submissions should be exactly 30 or 60 seconds in length, depending on the submission category. DO NOT have any introductory images, such as the name of the video, or concluding credits at the end of the video. If you wish to submit a second version including this information with your entry, you may do so, but please note which file is the final submission.

    Audio Submissions

    1. Entries should be of high audio quality so that they may be broadcasted. Please be sure that your final submission is in mp3 (audio) format.

    2. Please follow all copyright rules regarding music and images. – you are not permitted to use copyrighted music or images without permission from the person, people, or company who owns the rights

    3. Do not include school and/or student’s names

    4. Audio submissions must be either 15 or 30 seconds in length.

    Poster Submissions

    1. All posters need to be computer generated, submitted in, jpg, .tif, .png, .pdf, etc., and need to be print ready (300 DPI or higher). Poster images need to be 18.125” X 24.125” and at least 300 DPI. Please also include the original file format, for example, .psd, .ai, etc.

      1. Hard copies of hand-drawn posters will not be accepted. However, it is fully acceptable to hand draw an image and then SCAN them into the proper file formats. The scanned image needs to be a high print quality and dimensions must be 18.125” X 24.125” and at least 300 DPI. We encourage students with great artistic abilities to partner with students with strong digital media abilities!

    2. Please allow a margin of 2” within the poster dimensions for all text.
  • Messaging Guidelines

    1. Provide accurate information about mental health and suicide using reliable resources

    2. Promote hope and recovery

    3. Use images that show the whole person, including strength and resiliency

    4. Make sure you include only one crisis resource. Including multiple resources may be overwhelming, so it is recommended to focus on one.  If you wish to include an additional resource, you may choose from the list of “general information resources”. See “Content of Messaging” for the list of crisis and general information resources. 
    5. Please refer to the following websites for guidelines on effective and safe messaging:

      1. All entries must follow media guidelines for suicide
      2. The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention has compiled a comprehensive and interactive site to guide you towards safe messaging. Please review: and
    6. It is okay to talk about feelings, and it is okay to use the word suicide HOWEVER, do not display any images/video, etc. that explicitly show self-harm behaviors or methods of self-harm (for example, no guns, knives, etc., or allusions to such.) Entries showing youth engaging in suicidal behavior (for example, swallowing pills) will be excluded.  No explicit discussion of specific suicidal behaviors will be accepted.  Do not sensationalize or romanticize suicide.  Do not use images of individuals holding their heads. These images have been categorized as “head-clutchers.” These images promote a negative stereotype of someone who is in distress. Keep in mind that someone who is hurting does not look depressed all the time.
    7. We are not able to accept any submissions that have political messages. This includes any videos or images with political signs, stickers, etc., in the background.
    1. Content of Messaging

      You are welcome to submit entries without a particular focus. However, here are some options for ways to gear your submission.

      1. Messages of Hope: Avoid messages that sounds dismissive of a person’s feelings or experiences (e.g., “don’t worry, everything will be ok”). Rather focus on messages that will resonate with someone who is hurting, in a way that acknowledges their distress and offers positive support.

      2. Help-Seeking Behavior
        Be sure to refer youth who are struggling to resources that can help.  You must include one crisis resource.  However, you may also choose to include a second general information resource.  If you choose to do so, you must choose from the list of “general information resources” below.  
        1. Crisis Resources
          1. 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call or text ‘988’ or chat,
            The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support by trained crisis counselors who can help people experiencing mental health related distress, including, thoughts of suicide, mental health or substance use crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress. People can call or text 988 or chat for themselves for if they are worried about a loved one who may need crisis support.

          2. Trevor Lifeline – 1-866-488-7386, or text ‘START’ to 678-678, or chat,

            The Trevor Lifeline provides 24/7 free and confidential support by trained counselors who understand the challenges LGBTQ young people face.

        2. General Information Resources

          1. Prevent Suicide PA Website (
          2. Youth Suicide Prevention Warning Signs website
   – Experts in Pennsylvania, along with others across the country, have played a significant role in the development and dissemination of these warning signs for youth. We are asking that any entry focused on raising awareness about warning signs direct viewers to this web page. In addition, messages about help-seeking should follow the recommendations associated with the youth suicide warning signs website. Information on how youth can help youth when they are concerned can be found at Information for how parents and teachers can help can be found at
        1. We encourage submissions that reflect diversity (i.e. race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, geographical location, or other form of cultural identity), including any submissions that help or educate others on your own cultural background or experience with regard to mental health and suicide prevention.
    2. Voting Guidelines

      Private Voting

      01/16/2023 – 01/23/2023

      PSA Advisory Board votes on all submissions. This voting narrows down the entries to the finalists. The remaining entries are rank ordered, based on number of votes.

      School-Wide Voting

      01/30/2023 – 02/20/2023

      Any middle or high school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can participate in the school vote. Each school who participates gets one vote per category. Votes must represent the students’ voice. Votes from all schools will be tallied separately and rank ordered.

      Public Voting

      02/06/2023 – 02/20/2023

      Anyone can vote during the public voting period. Regardless of how many votes are received, the finalists are rank ordered based on the total number of votes they receive during the public vote.

    3. Resource Logos

      988, Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

      To view and download 988 logos, please visit, Media Resources : Lifeline ( or 988 Logo and Branding | SAMHSA

      These two sites offer multiple color options as well as English and Spanish versions.

      Prevent Suicide PA

      Square Logo
      Rectangular Logo

    4. Contest Flyer

      Click the button below to view and download the 2023 PSA Contest Flyer.  This can be used to advertise the contest as you wish.

    5. Spanish Translated Contest Details

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