2024 Contest Winners

Below are the winning entries from the 2024 Contest. All content is available to download for public use. To view the detailed contest results, please click the button below.

30 Second Videos

Berks Career & Technology Center (West Campus)

Kyle Hackenberg
Luis Suarez Marcano
Dallas Vogelei
West Carlin

We submitted this PSA to raise awareness about suicide and to inform the viewers about the possible lifelines and support they could get. We chose to take the idea of suicide prevention and not use it in a literal sense but instead to use different objects and environments to play the roles of different ideas and challenges one would face.

Western Wayne High School

Isabella Azzato
Cayden Rose
Brooke Kellogg


60 Second Videos

Williamsport Area High School

Isabella Newcomer
Ella Ballard
Elizabeth ( Liz ) Stoica
Alonzo Rice

We wanted to highlight various social pressures that face adolescents at home, school, in athletics, and between friends. The pressures featured have the potential to pull a teen into a dark mental state. We wanted to show that people are not alone in their struggles – support and resources are out there for everyone!

Reading High School

Achilles Torres Cruz
Inara Mercedes Zorrilla
Anya Clark
Joseline Cintron Torres
Jonelis Ojeda Perez
Vanessa Morban Mora

Our Aevidum group wrote the idea for the video together over several weeks. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to be in the video, but we all wanted to continue to share the message of “I’ve got your back!”

West Perry High School

Jalyssa Zellers

This video illuminates what seeking help could do for your life.

CLASS Academy

Seth Froelich
Gavin Douds
Tyler Orrell
Dylan Bish
Ethan Clapperton
Richie Kirk
Reyli Morales-Valencia

Berks Career and Technology Center

Sonya Bailey
Chloe Shirey
Kaitlyn Green
Rileigh Agnew


Western Wayne High School

Connor Bryant
James Chapman
Evan Dean



Bethlehem Catholic High School

Alayna Bergman
Jeremy Fyrer
Caroline Miller

Our world today has created the ideal image for a person, an image often unrealistic and unattainable. Conversations on social media can easily distort our perceptions of how our lives should be and what others’ lives are truly like. This PSA serves as a reminder that we all fall short of this perfect image and if you feel hopeless because of it, remember that you are not alone. There are people who care and are willing to help. Together, we can get through it.

Stroudsburg High School

Fikrie Hodzhova


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