PAYSPI First Annual Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention

Congratulations to the winners of the First Annual Public Service Announcement Contest!
Thanks to the PA Department of Health for the grant they provided in support of the work of Child Death Review teams. The funds helped to pay for the distribution of DVDs of the entries to all school districts in Pennsylvania.

Poster Winner and Honorable Mentions
6:03 pm
Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School
Aurora File
6:03 pm
North East High School
Shoshana Hall, Breana Marzka, Shelbee Messenger, Meghan Zelenak, Ashton Pollard, Annabelle Land
6:05 pm
Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School
Amber Wolf
6:06 pm
Brentwood High School
Erin Ahearn
60-Second Video Winner and Honorable Mentions
4:35 pm
Brentwood High School
Jessica Martin, Laura McGowan, Nick Gall, Allison McKonja
8:34 pm
North East High School
Joel Bennett, Jacob Grenz, Michael Macaulay, Brendon Tinko, Victoria Alcorn, Brett Swan, Dan Harris, Rocky Owens, Jarett Scotch
4:31 pm
Twin Valley High School
Alexandra Conn, Haley Dennis, Morgan Stabinski, Samantha Whorisky
4:32 pm
Quakertown Community High School
John Park, Justin Hughes, Joseph Merlo, Doug Barndt, Emily Shewell, Cody Gibson, Zach Detwiler, Christian Schnitzler, Victoria Leatherman, Justin Smoot, Isabella Sutton
4:33 pm
Central Catholic
Balint Oltvai, Zachary Volosky, Enzo Bellisario, Sam Volosky, Jacob Punturi, Olivia Belechak, Audrey Griffith, Kevin Costello
30-Second Video Winner and Honorable Mentions
4:36 pm
Galeton High School
Mekensie Huggler, Zach Brown, Kris Brumbach
4:37 pm
Brentwood High School
Taylor Brown, Brendan Mulholland, Jordan Schwartz
4:38 pm
Hempfield High School
Cam Hartman, Will Henry, Ben Newcomer
9:29 pm
North Pocono High School
Anthony Anzalone
9:30 pm
North East High School
Stephen Barnes, Joel Kitchen, Jessey Manison, Austin Sosnoswki, Evan Valone, Andrew Wisniewski
9:32 pm
Northern Lebanon High School
Morgan Phillips, Isaac Ray